Living in Nashville

What’s so Great About Living in Nashville?

Who wants to be living in Nashville?living-in-nashville

Living in Nashville– A lot of people – especially country music fans – set Nashville, Tennessee as their vacation destination of choice. Check out our Nashville Guide for places to see. Indeed, Nashville is also known as Music City, and likely has more musical talent per capita than any other city in the world. It’s not just country music, either – musicians of all genres move to Nashville for the access that the city gives them to great venues and music industry execs. It’s true that this makes Nashville a great place to spend a week or two, but you don’t have to be a musician to make Music City your home. If you’re looking to relocate, there are a lot of fantastic reasons to move to Nashville – just ask the citizens of the city itself! From beautiful parks to amazing weather, Nashville is a perfect place to put down roots. What’s so great about living in Nashville? Let me just tell you:

  • Despite the dips in the housing market, Nashville is experiencing some steady growth. This means that purchasing a house or condo in Nashville is a better investment during this period than homes elsewhere, and you can expect to see a steady increase in the value of your property.
  • If you are tired of having to pay your personal income tax, this is the perfect place for you. Tennessee is one of six states that have no personal income tax imposed on its citizens. Take a look at the state taxes you paid last year. When you move to Nashville, that money will go into your pocket instead of into the state coffers.
  • For those who are fond of the arts, be it music, live theater, or visual arts, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more active and robust city. Nashville is virtually crawling with theaters and museums of all sizes and types to satisfy your love for the arts. Many galleries and museums feature the work of local artists, and sidewalk art shows are a common occurrence in Nashville, so you’ll always have access to new and upcoming artists from the city and around the world.
  • Nashville’s citizens are among the nation’s friendliest. I’ll admit to a certain bias, as I love my home city, but its true that Nashville contains an extremely diverse and accepting population for a Southern city. Big city events with a small-town feel, is how many describe Nashville, and the constant influx of talented artists have predisposed our citizens to embrace newcomers and welcome them home.
  • Although Nashville is basically a city, you will find that it does not have the never ending hustle and bustle of busy people you see in many major cities. In Nashville, we try to slow down a bit, sip some sweet tea, and listen to the music of the city around us. In Nashville, you can be connected to the modern world but still enjoy the peace and quiet of a caring community.
  • If you are tired of the snow or oppressive heat, you’ll find Nashville is a great compromise to life in the great white north and the overpowering heat of the deep south. Nashville has four glorious and distinct seasons, each more beautiful than the last, but none of them bring enough harshness to the area to drive folks inside for long. In Nashville, you can embrace the outdoors year-round.
  • If you love greenery, you will truly adore Nashville. The city and surrounding region is packed with public lands, parks, and waterways offering all manner of recreation. In Tennessee, we owe our existence and our heritage to the fertile land on which we live, so we make it a point to protect our natural resources for all to enjoy and make use of. Outdoor enthusiasts will find a little bit of everything here in Nashville.

If you’ve made it to the end of this article, you’re likely already packing your bags! If you do decide to pull up stakes and head this way, I’d be glad to provide free information and guidance about the city and the home-buying process. If you find my assistance helpful, I’d be further honored to serve as your Realtor. Give me a call any time, and we’ll carve out a little place for you here in the heart of Music City. Very soon, you too can be living in Nashville!